Personal Auto Insurance
as Personal as You

Depending on your age; driving record; your vehicle's type, age, and safety features; your city of residence; and other factors you may qualify for Florida car insurance discounts that can amount to significant savings on your annual premium.



Protect your Condominium
Investment with the Right Policy

Because the vast majority of condominium buildings in Florida are rather old, buyers often upgrade their units. If you did not insure the improvements and the unit were destroyed, it would be under-insured.



Homeowners Insurance that
Protects your Belongings

Multiple-line protection that includes both property and liability. Florida homeowners benefit from this coverage knowing their possessions are protected against loss.



Professional Liability Coverage
that Covers Every

While "professional" is the term generally used to describe people whose occupation demands extensive academic training like lawyers and accountants, professional also applies to business trades that don't require a degree but do demand highly specialized skills.



Boat and Yacht Insurance
that Covers Your

Florida yacht owners heed the call of the open water, exciting new discoveries, and cruising to exotic destinations in luxury and style. Your yacht is your chance to get away and your home during the journey. It's also a major investment that requires proper protection.


Welcome to Dunham Insurance Services

Dunham Insurance Services is an independent agent offering the best insurance policies throughout Florida. As an independent insurance agency, we place your policy with the company offering the best coverage at a competitive price. Our objective is to reduce your insurance costs by providing quality business, home, auto/marine, commercial and personal umbrella policies.

familyMany Florida insurance agents tell you "when you know exactly what your insurance needs are you should call us." Dunham Insurance Services understands that selecting the right insurance for your needs can be a daunting task. That is why instead we say: call us to help you determine the right insurance for you.

Dunham Insurance Services agents have extensive experience with home, commercial, auto/marine, and personal insurance policies in the State of Florida. We have been in business for over 17 years and our professionalism and stability attest to our ability to provide you with comprehensive coverage that protects you personally and in business.

Professionalism with a personal touch and unparalleled customer service are the foundations of our success. Dunham Insurance Services is protecting the lifestyle to which you are accustomed.


Christopher Dunham Awarded Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA) Designation

Chris Dunham, CEO of Dunham Insurance in Fort Lauderdale has been awarded the designation of Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA), a professional designation conferred by the American Insurance Marketing and Sales Society (AIMS).

Dunham successfully completed three Insurance Success Seminars. The CPIA designation stands for professionalism, commitment to sales training and results, and technical knowledge, and requires a bi-annual continuing education update.

The Insurance Success Seminars have been rated very highly by both insurance agency sales support staff who have taken them and by participating company representatives. The interactive one-day format and nominal cost to attend each module has made these Seminars particularly useful and popular.

Position for Success (CPIA 1) assists participants in implementing risk identification strategies and systems that will prevent errors and omissions during the insurance prospecting process.

Implement for Success (CPIA 2) focuses on the development of the technical knowledge and skills needed to design a complete, yet innovative, insurance program for prospective clients. Participants will leave with detailed information for providing solutions that benefit consumers in the complex insurance marketplace.

Sustain Success (CPIA 3) provides participants with specific methods for maintaining high legal and ethical standards of operation while developing the agent-client relationship.

The AIMS Society is the only insurance organization dedicated solely to recognizing training and service quality among property and casualty insurance personnel. The mission of the AIMS Society is to improve the selling skills and insurance knowledge of its members by upgrading professionalism through information and education, which will result in providing better service to the insurance-buying public.

For more information about Insurance Success Seminars, the CPIA designation program or membership in the AIMS Society, contact the AIMS Society national office at 877-674-CPIA (2742) or visit


The lowest average
premium in Florida.

53% less than State Farm
40% less than ASI Assurance
31% less than Citizens
29% less than St. Johns


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